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TRIEB, ANNA       Married 1739       HAUPT, JOHANNES
TRIEB, ARTHUR       Married 1940       RIDEN, ROWENA
TRIEB, CATHERINE       Married 1800       KOFFLER, JEAN
TRIEB, CHARLES       Married 1877       LOUKER, MALBURGA
TRIEB, CHRISTIAN       Married 1893       MCGRAW, MINNIE
TRIEB, CÈAZILIA       Married 1932       HAIDER, PETER
TRIEB, GAIL       Married 1971       BOLES, JOHN
TRIEB, J       Married 1905       KNAPP, MAGGIE      
TRIEB, JEFFREY       Married 1997       GILLARD, JANA
TRIEB, JOHN       Married 1879       SCHOEGLER, MARIA
TRIEB, KATHERINA       Married 1946       DOYLE, SCOTCHY
TRIEB, MARK       Married 2000       BELL, DENNIE
TRIEB, MARK       Married 1972       PEGUES, MICHELE
TRIEB, MARK       Married 1972       TRIEB, MICHELE
TRIEB, MICHELE       Married 1972       TRIEB, MARK
TRIEB, PAULINE       Married 1922       MILLER, WALTER
TRIEB, REGULA       Married 1852       VERKLER, HENRY
TRIEB, SARA       Married 1739       HAUPT, JOHANNES
TRIEBE, ADELINA       Married 1877       LANGE, JOHN
TRIEBE, AUGUSTA       Married 1875       MENG, CARL
TRIEBE, CHRISTIANE       Married 1847       MICKAN, JOHANN

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