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TRIBBEY, JOSEPH       Married 1803       GREGG, RUTH
TRIBBEY, JOSEPH       Married 1851       KIBBE, ELIZABETH
TRIBBEY, JOSEPH       Married 1813       MILLER, POLLY
TRIBBEY, JOSEPH       Married 1942       UNKNOWN, MARGIE
TRIBBEY, JOSEPH       Married 1919       WALKER, OLLIE
TRIBBEY, KAY       Married 1966       FULLER, RICHARD
TRIBBEY, KENNETH       Married 1940       DANNER, MARJORIE
TRIBBEY, KETURAH       Married 1901       WILSON, LEE
TRIBBEY, LADY       Married 1916       MATTHEWS, EDITH
TRIBBEY, LARRY       Married 1979       WILCOX, BRENDA
TRIBBEY, LAURA       Married 1914       BRANNAN, CLARENCE
TRIBBEY, LEE       Married 1929       LANNING, MILDRED
TRIBBEY, LEE       Married 1925       PHELPS, HARRY
TRIBBEY, LEE       Married 1885       VARNER, LOUISE
TRIBBEY, LELION       Married 1915       CLINE, VIRGIL
TRIBBEY, LEONA       Married 1892       BRAGG, JAMES
TRIBBEY, LEONARD       Married 1924       JOHNSON, ETHEL
TRIBBEY, LEROY       Married 1912       MILLER, AUDREY
TRIBBEY, LEWELLYN       Married 1890       GARDNER, LOUIS
TRIBBEY, LOU       Married 1942       HUFF, UNKNOWN
TRIBBEY, LOUIS       Married 1887       CARLSON, MATILDA

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