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TREVEY, GEORGE       Married 1895       PUMPHREY, ADA
TREVEY, HIRAM       Married 1868       TAYLOR, MARY
TREVEY, JACOB       Married 1862       HARRIS, VICTORIA
TREVEY, JACOB       Married 1868       HARRISS, FLORENCE
TREVEY, JACOB       Married 1807       MCCARTNEY, MARY
TREVEY, JAMES       Married 1890       OLIVER, ELLA
TREVEY, JENNIFER       Married 1996       STEWART, JOHN
TREVEY, JOHN       Married 1974       LESLIE, RUDYA
TREVEY, JOHN       Married 1974       TREVEY, RUDYA
TREVEY, JOSEPH       Married 1765       SHANER, SUSANNA
TREVEY, JOSEPH       Married 1779       SHANER, SUSANNA
TREVEY, JOSEPH       Married 1780       SHANER, SUSANNA
TREVEY, JOSEPH       Married 1829       STRICKLER, REBECCA
TREVEY, JR       Married 1974       LESLIE, RUDYA
TREVEY, KATHLYN       Married 1966       HOLLOWELL, HENRY
TREVEY, LILLIAN       Married 1913       TURLEY, JESSE
TREVEY, LILLIAN       Married 1903       UNKNOWN, UNKNOWN
TREVEY, LOUISE       Married 1927       THRIFT, CHARLES
TREVEY, LYDIA       Married 1820       HIGGINS, JACOB
TREVEY, MALCOLM       Married 1935       BASSETT, LAURA
TREVEY, MARGARET       Married 1997       DILLAHA, CARL
TREVEY, MARGARET       Married 1846       LOOP, JACOB

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