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TRENARY, JAMES       Married 1866       GROVE, SUSAN
TRENARY, JAMES       Married 1938       HARTMAN, MARIE
TRENARY, JAMES       Married 1878       JACKSON, ANNIE
TRENARY, JAMES       Married 1864       LARANWAY, AMELIA
TRENARY, JAMES       Married 1995       THOMAS, MARIA
TRENARY, JAMES       Married 1989       TRENARY, SUSANNA
TRENARY, JAMES       Married 1864       VANAWAY, AMELIA
TRENARY, JAMES       Married 1921       WHEELER, PAULINE
TRENARY, JANE       Married 1854       ALCOCK, JOHN
TRENARY, JANE       Married 1870       CUMMINS, ANDREW
TRENARY, JANE       Married 1887       PERRY, CHARLES
TRENARY, JANET       Married 1988       CONKLING, CARLTON
TRENARY, JASON       Married 1992       YOUNG, AMY
TRENARY, JEFFERSON       Married 1855       WALKER, JAMMAH
TRENARY, JENNY       Married 1998       GAMBLE, JUDSON
TRENARY, JOAN       Married 1951       FITZPATRICK, THOMAS
TRENARY, JOAN       Married 1966       PANGLE, HERSCHEL
TRENARY, JOANNA       Married 1855       MILL, JOHN
TRENARY, JOHN       Married 1851       ALCOCK, JANE
TRENARY, JOHN       Married 1901       ALVEY, SARAH
TRENARY, JOHN       Married 1908       ALVEY, SARAH
TRENARY, JOHN       Married 1843       DRAKE, SARAH

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