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TRACY, WALTER       Married 1932       WEBBER, EFFIE
TRACY, WALTER       Married 1949       WILCOX, MOLLY
TRACY, WALTER       Married 1908       WILLEY, MERTIE
TRACY, WALTER       Married 1869       WILSON, ANN
TRACY, WALTER       Married 1865       WILSON, ANNIE
TRACY, WANDA       Married 1928       CRABTREE, GEORGE
TRACY, WANDA       Married 1968       TRACY, JAMES
TRACY, WANETTA       Married 1928       CRABTREE, GEORGE
TRACY, WARD       Married 1819       BARNES, JONATHAN
TRACY, WARD       Married 1912       MARRIOTT, ETHEL
TRACY, WARD'       Married 1954       BARLOW, BETTY
TRACY, WARNEL       Married 1806       BABB, MARY
TRACY, WARNEL       Married 1849       LARKINS, MARY
TRACY, WARNEL       Married 1798       LEMMON, ELEANOR
TRACY, WARNEL       Married 1798       LEMMON, ELENOR
TRACY, WARNER       Married 1853       CHAPMAN, RUFUS
TRACY, WARREN       Married 1984       BALLARD, GAYLE
TRACY, WARREN       Married 2000       BOWEN, CHARLOTTE
TRACY, WARREN       Married 1932       BRACKNEY, OLIVE
TRACY, WARREN       Married 1908       KERR, MARY
TRACY, WARREN       Married 1958       NORDSTROM, MILDRED
TRACY, WARREN       Married 1992       PAGE, PATRICIA

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