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TRACY, PHOEBE       Married 1885       ELSEA, DAVID
TRACY, PHOEBE       Married 1820       FULLER, HORACE
TRACY, PHOEBE       Married 1949       GAGNE, ALBERT
TRACY, PHOEBE       Married 1814       HAVEN, LUTHER
TRACY, PHOEBE       Married 1891       RIDENHOUR, HILTON
TRACY, PHOEBE       Married 1831       SEVERANCE, ELISHA
TRACY, PHOEBE       Married 1898       SNIDER, CHARLIE
TRACY, PHOEBE       Married 1840       THOMPSON, JAMES
TRACY, PHYLLIS       Married 1958       TRACY, DICKIE
TRACY, PIERCE       Married 1875       BIVINS, ANNA
TRACY, PLANK       Married 1860       TAYLOR, MARGARET
TRACY, PLATT       Married 1888       HEUSTON, ADA
TRACY, PLATT       Married 1889       HEUSTON, ADA
TRACY, PLATT       Married 1940       REICHEL, SOPHIE
TRACY, PLATT       Married 1974       RINGGER, BETTY
TRACY, PLEASANT       Married 1904       HOWARD, PETER
TRACY, PLUMA       Married 1951       BACKMAN, JR
TRACY, PLUMA       Married 1931       RAY, VERAL
TRACY, POLLARD       Married 1899       MILTON, NORA
TRACY, POLLY       Married 1765       CASH, DANIEL
TRACY, POLLY       Married 1817       COATS, WILLIAM

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