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TOLMAN, CLARK       Married 1888       MONROE, NELLIE
TOLMAN, CLARK       Married 1868       PRATT, LUANA
TOLMAN, CLARK       Married 1858       RUGG, ELLEN
TOLMAN, CLARK       Married 1840       TOLMAN, FIDELIA
TOLMAN, CLARK       Married 1876       UNKNOWN, CHARLOTTE
TOLMAN, CLARK       Married 1859       UNKNOWN, FIRST
TOLMAN, CLARKE       Married 1852       COE, ELIZABETH
TOLMAN, CLARRISSA       Married 1798       SLATER, EDMUND
TOLMAN, CLAUDE       Married 1912       BUNNELL, CORA
TOLMAN, CLAUDIUS       Married 1926       BANKS, ROSE
TOLMAN, CLAUDIUS       Married 1950       POWELL, BEVERLEE
TOLMAN, CLEMENTINE       Married 1917       CALL, WALTER
TOLMAN, CLEON       Married 1945       ROBINSON, LILA
TOLMAN, CLIFFORD       Married 1915       ADAMS, GOLDIE
TOLMAN, CLIFFORD       Married 1902       MCELWAIN, ELLA
TOLMAN, CLIFFORD       Married 1915       UNKNOWN, HELEN
TOLMAN, CLINTON       Married 1877       ALDEN, EUNICE

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