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TOLLE, MINOR       Married 1896       COIL, MINNIE
TOLLE, MIRANDA       Married 1868       TOLLE, JAMES
TOLLE, MIRIAM       Married 1920       LEWIS, GEORGE
TOLLE, MOLLIE       Married 1890       EAKMAN, WILLIAM
TOLLE, MONCELLA       Married 1928       BURCH, JOHN
TOLLE, MORGAN       Married 1988       LETTS, JACQUELYN
TOLLE, MORGAN       Married 1963       TOLLE, RAMONA
TOLLE, MR       Married 1896       GRAVES, FLORENCE
TOLLE, MRS       Married 1877       CLARK, AETIUS
TOLLE, MRS       Married 1775       TOLLE, GEORGE
TOLLE, MRS       Married 1863       TOLLE, GEORGE
TOLLE, MRS       Married 1887       TOLLE, GEORGE
TOLLE, MRS       Married 1899       TOLLE, JAMES
TOLLE, MRS       Married 1908       TOLLE, JOHN
TOLLE, MRS       Married 1870       TOLLE, JONATHAN
TOLLE, MRS       Married 1680       TOLLE, ROGER
TOLLE, MRS       Married 1730       TOLLE, ROGER

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