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TOLLE, LAVON       Married 1936       PETTY, EVELYN
TOLLE, LAWANDA       Married 1970       BROCK, ROBERT
TOLLE, LAWRENCE       Married 1966       TEAGUE, JO
TOLLE, LAYTON       Married 1890       APPLEGATE, SARAH
TOLLE, LEANN       Married 2008       PETRONE, MATTHEW
TOLLE, LEANNA       Married 1983       BEIQUE, JEAN
TOLLE, LEE       Married 1950       BRADLEY, WILBUR
TOLLE, LEE       Married 1961       COTTEN, MARY
TOLLE, LEE       Married 1961       COTTON, MARY
TOLLE, LEE       Married 1971       PARDY, LEE      
TOLLE, LEE       Married 1969       RINGER, GEORGE
TOLLE, LEETHE       Married 1908       SMALL, ALMA
TOLLE, LENA       Married 1928       BURCH, JOHN
TOLLE, LENORA       Married 1943       DERLEY, HARVEY
TOLLE, LENORE       Married 1943       DERLEY, HARVEY
TOLLE, LENORE       Married 1910       FRAME, CLIFTON
TOLLE, LEOLA       Married 1949       KIMBALL, RAY
TOLLE, LEON       Married 1924       ABBOTT, LILLIAN

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