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TOLL, GEORGE       Married 1922       CHEESMAN, DOROTHY
TOLL, GEORGE       Married 1908       EDMONDS, GENERVA
TOLL, GEORGE       Married 1883       FOGG, BERTHA
TOLL, GEORGE       Married 1866       KING, ELIZA
TOLL, GEORGE       Married 1899       QUAYLE, GERTRUDE
TOLL, GEORGE       Married 1941       ROUTLY, ILA
TOLL, GEORGE       Married 1903       WELTY, DORA
TOLL, GERTRUDE       Married 1749       CLUTE, JELLIS
TOLL, GERTRUDE       Married 1754       CLUTE, JELLIS
TOLL, GERTRUDE       Married 1946       HOGLE, WILLIAM
TOLL, GERTRUDE       Married 1785       KREBSBACH, JOHANN
TOLL, GERTRUDE       Married 1925       MINSHULL, ERIC
TOLL, GERTRUDE       Married 1865       SEARLE, JAMES
TOLL, GERTRUDE       Married 1905       SWEET, CHARLES
TOLL, GERTRUY       Married 1754       CLUTE, GILLIS
TOLL, GLADYS       Married 1940       FRANZMANN, JOHN
TOLL, GLADYS       Married 1928       KAHERL, EVERETT
TOLL, GLORIA       Married 1970       ADERHOLD, DAVID

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