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TOLL, EMILY       Married 1914       HOPKINS, NATHANIEL
TOLL, EMILY       Married 1915       PAGE, J       in
TOLL, EMILY       Married 1946       PELTASON, JACK
TOLL, EMMA       Married 1872       LOVELOCK, RICHARD
TOLL, EMMA       Married 1855       NEWBERRY, UNKNOWN
TOLL, EMMA       Married 1927       SERCOMBE, UNKNOWN
TOLL, ERIKSSON       Married 1896       VON RETTIG, KERSTIN
TOLL, ERNEST       Married 1891       ROSSBACH, LEAH
TOLL, ESTHER       Married 1797       CONDE, ALBERT
TOLL, ESTHER       Married 1787       GROOT, ABRAHAM
TOLL, ESTHER       Married 1963       SERFOSS, RALPH
TOLL, ESTHER       Married 1787       TELLER, JOHANNES
TOLL, ESTHER       Married 1796       VAN PATTEN, FREDERICK
TOLL, ETHEL       Married 1911       ROBERTS, JAMES
TOLL, ETTA       Married 1884       FLETCHER, ARTHUR
TOLL, EUGENE       Married 1918       BLISS, ESTELLA
TOLL, EUGENE       Married 1900       ELMORE, CORA
TOLL, EUGENE       Married 1901       ELMORE, CORA

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