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TOLER, OLIVIA       Married 1971       SHEPARD, CLARENCE
TOLER, OLLIE       Married 1833       ESTES, RICHARD
TOLER, OMEGGIE       Married 1917       WHITTON, MARVIN
TOLER, ONA       Married 1926       TOLER, BEDFORD
TOLER, OPAL       Married 1928       HUFF, GERALD
TOLER, OPAL       Married 1930       LACY, MARTIN
TOLER, OPAL       Married 1929       LACY, UNKNOWN
TOLER, OPLE       Married 1945       SPENCE, IRA
TOLER, OR       Married 1783       DIXON, WILLIAM
TOLER, ORA       Married 1905       GIBSON, WILLIAM
TOLER, OSBORN       Married 1933       TOLER, ELLA
TOLER, OTELIA       Married 1883       GOURLEY, DOCK
TOLER, OTHA       Married 1921       AUSTIN, LUCY
TOLER, OTIS       Married 1926       SCOTT, ALTA
TOLER, OTTIE       Married 1905       STILLWELL, LOUELLEN
TOLER, OTTIE       Married 1905       STILWELL, LOU
TOLER, OTTIE       Married 1905       STILWELL, LOUELLA
TOLER, OTTIS       Married 1978       HARRED, REBECCA

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