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TOLAR, LEMUEL       Married 1941       DELOACH, LOIS
TOLAR, LENORA       Married 1846       DEAS, JOSEPH
TOLAR, LEONA       Married 1969       ELLIOTT, HERBERT
TOLAR, LEONOR       Married 1982       TOLAR, GARRY
TOLAR, LEROY       Married 1886       KIRKLAND, MAHALA
TOLAR, LEROY       Married 1920       KIRKLAND, VICEY
TOLAR, LESLIE       Married 1980       TOLAR, DAVID
TOLAR, LESTON       Married 1918       GIBSON, ADDIE
TOLAR, LEWIS       Married 1846       LEE, ELLENDER
TOLAR, LEWIS       Married 1947       ODOM, HELEN
TOLAR, LILLIAN       Married 1973       TOLAR, BAZZ
TOLAR, LILLIE       Married 1896       BRISSON, CHARLES
TOLAR, LINDA       Married 1975       EBARB, ALLEN
TOLAR, LINDA       Married 1990       TOLAR, TERRILL
TOLAR, LINDA       Married 1993       TORNEY, PATRICK
TOLAR, LINE       Married 1874       WALTERS, ROBERT
TOLAR, LIZZIEKITSIE       Married 1890       MCKEE, ANDREW
TOLAR, LLOYD       Married 1917       MILNER, MARIE

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