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TOFT, THOMAS       Married 1932       HAGE, LAURA
TOFT, THOMAS       Married 1870       SHAW, MARTHA
TOFT, THOMAS       Married 1804       UNKNOWN, FRANCES
TOFT, THUERECHT       Married 1881       BLOM, PETRINE
TOFT, THYGE       Married 1938       CHRISTIANSEN, HENNY
TOFT, TODD       Married 1987       ALBRITTON, DEBRA
TOFT, TODD       Married 1987       TOFT, DEBRA
TOFT, TODD       Married 1975       TOFT, JACKLYNN
TOFT, TODD       Married 1972       TOFT, KAREN
TOFT, VERNON       Married 1919       HACKETT, ADA
TOFT, VERNON       Married 1938       MARSDEN, CONSTANCE
TOFT, VICTOR       Married 1949       ASKEW, IDA
TOFT, VICTOR       Married 1924       HAWLEY, EDITH
TOFT, VICTOR       Married 1945       REVILLE, DORIS
TOFT, VILELMINE       Married 1883       JENSEN, POUL
TOFT, VILHELMINE       Married 1886       ANDERSEN, CARL
TOFT, VINCENTS       Married 1835       KLEPPE, KARI
TOFT, VINCENTZ       Married 1807       BAKKESUND, MARTHE

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