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TOFT, STEVEN       Married 1981       MCGILL, ALICE
TOFT, STEVEN       Married 1976       SCHUTT, CYNTHIA
TOFT, STEVEN       Married 1989       TODARO, CARLETTE
TOFT, SUSAN       Married 1986       PARMA, CHRISTOPHER
TOFT, SUSAN       Married 1976       WOODS, LARRY
TOFT, SVEND       Married 1935       RASMUSSEN, OLIVIA
TOFT, SYDNEY       Married 1923       SQUIRES, WINIFRED
TOFT, SYDNEY       Married 1923       SQUIRES, WINNIFRED
TOFT, TAMARA       Married 1984       DUPREE, TOMMIE
TOFT, THELDE       Married 1927       NIELSEN, EDITH
TOFT, THEODORA       Married 1886       ANDERSEN, CARL
TOFT, THERESA       Married 1976       PLUMMER, RONALD
TOFT, THERESA       Married 1985       SMITH, RAYMOND
TOFT, THERESA       Married 1919       WALTER, FREDERICK
TOFT, THOMAS       Married 1786       BECK, ELSE
TOFT, THOMAS       Married 1802       DICKINSON, MARGARET
TOFT, THOMAS       Married 1894       HADFIELD, ELIZABETH

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