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TOFF, ANNE       Married 1786       BROOKS, THOMAS
TOFF, BETSY       Married 1899       ISAACS, ELIAS
TOFF, CHARLOTTE       Married 1972       HIGHT, FREDDIE
TOFF, DAVID       Married 1907       MAGNUS, SARAH
TOFF, ELIZABETH       Married 1790       BELL, JOHN
TOFF, GEORGE       Married 1880       FLYNN, JESSIE
TOFF, HERBERT       Married 1878       WETHERBY, NANNIE
TOFF, JANICE       Married 1946       MCCLARD, HARRY
TOFF, JOHN       Married 1977       MALLORY, PAMELA
TOFF, JOHN       Married 1870       THOMPSON, MARY
TOFF, LEONARD       Married 1914       KING, RHODA
TOFF, LINDA       Married 1970       VAUGHN, JOHNNY
TOFF, MARY       Married 1781       ALDERSON, REUBEN
TOFF, WM       Married 1899       FRED, LIZZIE      
TOFFALO, MARGARET       Married 1900       RIGONI, JOHN
TOFFAN, DOMINIQUE       Married 1984       JEWETT, GLEN
TOFFAR, ISGAK       Married 1983       RODRIGUEZ, ODILIA

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