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TOEWS, LORNE       Married 1990       REIMER, ELSIE
TOEWS, LORRAINE       Married 1955       JANZ, LLOYD
TOEWS, LOTTIE       Married 1943       PENNER, JOHANN
TOEWS, LOUELLA       Married 1939       CORNWELL, ELMER
TOEWS, LOUISE       Married 1938       DYCK, ALBERT
TOEWS, LOUISE       Married 1945       ENNS, JOHANN
TOEWS, LOUISE       Married 1893       FIEGUTH, JOHANNES
TOEWS, LOUISE       Married 1898       FIEGUTH, JOHANNES
TOEWS, LOUISE       Married 1944       FRIESEN, CLARENCE
TOEWS, LOUISE       Married 1946       LOEWEN, DAVID
TOEWS, LOUISE       Married 1948       SCHULTZ, ALBERT
TOEWS, LOUISE       Married 1981       WIEBE, PAUL
TOEWS, LUELLA       Married 1950       CARLBLOM, GLEN
TOEWS, LUELLA       Married 1938       FUNK, HARVEY
TOEWS, LUISE       Married 1849       GOERTZEN, ABRAHAM
TOEWS, LYDIA       Married 1934       DICK, PETER
TOEWS, LYDIA       Married 1945       GIESBRECHT, WILLIAM
TOEWS, LYDIA       Married 1940       JANZEN, JAKOB

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