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TOEWS, ARON       Married 1931       PAULS, SARA
TOEWS, ARON       Married 1953       WIEBE, MARIA
TOEWS, ARON       Married 1867       WILLEMS, ANNA
TOEWS, ARON       Married 1935       WILLMS, AGANETA
TOEWS, ARON       Married 1936       WILLMS, AGATHA
TOEWS, ARTHUR       Married 1948       DYCK, MARIA
TOEWS, AT       Married 1837       GOOSEN, HEINRICH
TOEWS, A_F       Married 1962       PETERS, HEINRICH
TOEWS, A_G       Married 1990       REIMER, ELSIE
TOEWS, A_J_ABRAM       Married 1950       SCHELLENBERG, LINDA
TOEWS, A_M       Married 1946       THIESSEN, CLARA
TOEWS, A_N_FRANK       Married 1936       THOMAS, SELMA
TOEWS, A_P       Married 1931       BOESE, HENRY
TOEWS, A_P       Married 1964       BOESE, HENRY
TOEWS, BEN       Married 1942       SIEMENS, MINNA
TOEWS, BENJAMIN       Married 1939       BAERGEN, ANNA
TOEWS, BENJAMIN       Married 1932       GIESBRECHT, MARIA
TOEWS, BENJAMIN       Married 1950       ISAAC, CLARA

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