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TOEWS, ALEN       Married 1946       ANDERSONN, JUNE
TOEWS, ALFRED       Married 1946       WIEBE, CLARA
TOEWS, ALICE       Married 1964       FULLERTON, ERNEST
TOEWS, ALICE       Married 1984       HILDERBRAND, ARLEN
TOEWS, ALICE       Married 1939       KING, ROY      
TOEWS, ALICE       Married 1965       TOEWS, ELWIN
TOEWS, ALICE       Married 1950       WOHLGEMUTH, EDWARD
TOEWS, ALLEN       Married 1946       KOEHN, RUBY
TOEWS, ALLEN       Married 1990       REIMER, ELSIE
TOEWS, ALMA       Married 1936       FRIESEN, ARNOLD
TOEWS, ALMA       Married 1938       MCKINLEY, KENNETH
TOEWS, ALQUINN       Married 1948       KING, MARIE
TOEWS, ALVA       Married 1945       SCHARTNER, HELEN
TOEWS, ALVA       Married 1945       SCHARTNER, HELENA
TOEWS, ALVIN       Married 1947       TISDALE, BEATRICE
TOEWS, ALVINA       Married 1929       CULVER, WILLARD
TOEWS, ALVINA       Married 1942       HOWE, VERNON
TOEWS, AMANDA       Married 1929       BARKMAN, PETER

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