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TOTTEN, JOY       Married 1988       GREENE, MARK
TOTTEN, JOYCEY       Married 1861       SEACAT, MONROE
TOTTEN, JR       Married 1991       BASCO, MONA      
TOTTEN, JR       Married 1978       BAYNE, BETTY
TOTTEN, JR       Married 1939       EASTMAN, GLADYS
TOTTEN, JR       Married 1992       REEVES, PEGGY
TOTTEN, JR       Married 1972       TOTTEN, JUDY
TOTTEN, JR       Married 1963       TOTTEN, PATRICIA
TOTTEN, JUANITA       Married 1997       LEYVA, ORDONEZ
TOTTEN, JUDITH       Married 1834       BRADLEY, COLLINS
TOTTEN, JUDY       Married 1972       TOTTEN, JAMES
TOTTEN, JULIA       Married 1834       BRADLEY, COLLINS
TOTTEN, JULIA       Married 1993       PERMENTER, MARK
TOTTEN, JULIA       Married 1841       PHILLIPS, GEORGE
TOTTEN, JUM       Married 1895       OWEN, NELL
TOTTEN, JUNE       Married 1857       GUESS, OLIVER
TOTTEN, JUNE       Married 1901       PATRIQUIN, DAVID
TOTTEN, JUNE       Married 1991       SHERROD, PHILLIP

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