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TOTTEN, JAY       Married 1910       SPONBURG, HELEN
TOTTEN, JEAN       Married 1922       COFFIN, WILLIAM
TOTTEN, JEAN       Married 1945       NORMAN, MARION
TOTTEN, JEAN       Married 1948       SZABELAN, TED
TOTTEN, JEFFREY       Married 1986       TOTTEN, SYLVIA
TOTTEN, JENNIE       Married 1885       CADY, GEORGE
TOTTEN, JENNIE       Married 1868       TALLMAN, CLARENCE
TOTTEN, JENNIE       Married 1875       TALLMAN, CLARENCE
TOTTEN, JENNY       Married 1877       TALLMAN, CLARENCE
TOTTEN, JEREMIA       Married 1849       MIDDAUGH, SARAH
TOTTEN, JEREMIAH       Married 1849       MIDDAUGH, SARAH
TOTTEN, JEREMIAH       Married 1818       PRICE, HANNAH
TOTTEN, JEROME       Married 1946       SMITH, ALICE
TOTTEN, JESS       Married 1974       GOODRICH, MARSHA
TOTTEN, JESSE       Married 1967       BODINE, ELSIE
TOTTEN, JESSE       Married 1946       HARTMAN, MARGARET
TOTTEN, JESSE       Married 1900       WILLIS, FRANCIS

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