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TOTTEN, HENRY       Married 1861       SMITH, MARGARET
TOTTEN, HENRY       Married 1913       SOLOMON, RUTH
TOTTEN, HENRY       Married 1872       STANLEY, TALLITHA
TOTTEN, HENRY       Married 1878       STONE, OLLIE
TOTTEN, HENRY       Married 1902       TYLER, SOPHIA
TOTTEN, HENRY       Married 1866       UNKNOWN, UNKNOWN
TOTTEN, HENRY       Married 1995       WALKER, EDITH
TOTTEN, HENRY       Married 2000       WAY, ANGELA
TOTTEN, HERBERT       Married 1893       BROWN, NANA
TOTTEN, HERBERT       Married 1941       JONES, ORLENA
TOTTEN, HERBERT       Married 1892       MCLEAN, HANNAH
TOTTEN, HERBERT       Married 1918       O'DONNELL, EMMA
TOTTEN, HERBERT       Married 1888       WOODDELL, ALICE
TOTTEN, HERBERT       Married 1895       WOODDELL, ALICE
TOTTEN, HESTER       Married 1863       REDUS, JOEL
TOTTEN, HESTER       Married 1833       WHITELY, JAMES
TOTTEN, HESTER       Married 1833       WHITLEY, JAMES
TOTTEN, HETTIE       Married 1863       REDUS, JOEL

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