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TORRES, AMY       Married 1989       LINDLEY, BRYAN
TORRES, AMY       Married 1998       PARRA, ASTOLFO
TORRES, AMY       Married 1995       RAMIREZ, VICTOR
TORRES, AMY       Married 1984       TORRES, DARIO
TORRES, AMY       Married 1991       TORRES, MILTON
TORRES, AMY       Married 1992       TORREZ, JOE
TORRES, AMY       Married 1995       VARGAS, JOHNNY
TORRES, AMY       Married 2000       VILLEARREAL, MARIO
TORRES, AMYE       Married 1995       TORRES, RICKIE
TORRES, ANA       Married 1998       AGUILERA, MIGUEL
TORRES, ANA       Married 1981       ALAMO, COSME
TORRES, ANA       Married 1968       ALBA, CARLOS
TORRES, ANA       Married 1990       ALEMAN, ANTENOR
TORRES, ANA       Married 1986       ALONZO, ELIAS
TORRES, ANA       Married 1971       ALVAREZ, FELIX
TORRES, ANA       Married 1988       ALVAREZ, JOSE
TORRES, ANA       Married 1987       ANDRADE, JOSE
TORRES, ANA       Married 1976       AVILA, ALANIS

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