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TORR, ADA       Married 1987       ANDERSON, JAMES
TORR, ADA       Married 1936       DOAK, DARA      
TORR, ADELA       Married 1877       ORR, JAMES      
TORR, ADELAIDE       Married 1888       TORR, JOHN
TORR, ADEN       Married 1911       WILKIE, MADGE
TORR, AGNES       Married 1889       COUPER, DONALD
TORR, AGNUS       Married 1930       LINSCHEID, RUDOLF
TORR, ALAN       Married 1936       GLOBE, DOROTHY
TORR, ALAN       Married 1936       GLODE, DOROTHY
TORR, ALEY       Married 1807       PEARCE, PHILIP
TORR, ALEY       Married 1807       PEARCE, PHILLIP
TORR, ALFRED       Married 1904       INGLIS, ALICE
TORR, ALICE       Married 1904       AGG, JAMES      
TORR, ALICE       Married 1942       ALLISON, LEONARD
TORR, ALICE       Married 1931       MORRISSEY, RONALD
TORR, ALICE       Married 1933       MORRISSEY, RONALD
TORR, ALICE       Married 1897       PARSONS, EDWIN

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