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TORPY, MARY       Married 1831       RYAN, JOHN      
TORPY, MARY       Married 1834       RYAN, JOHN      
TORPY, MAX       Married 1971       MILLER, BEVELYN
TORPY, MAX       Married 1971       TORPY, CARROL
TORPY, MAX       Married 1963       TORPY, KATHY
TORPY, MAXWELL       Married 1935       UNKNOWN, UNKNOWN
TORPY, MERLE       Married 1909       WILLARD, MARY
TORPY, MICHAEL       Married 1861       MULHARE, CATHERINE
TORPY, MILAN       Married 1934       PULLEY, JENNY
TORPY, MILLICE       Married 1910       GITCHELL, GORDON
TORPY, NANCY       Married 1873       NEAL, WILLIAM
TORPY, NATHAN       Married 1917       WALLACE, MARY
TORPY, PATRICK       Married 1885       SMITH, ALICE
TORPY, PATRICK       Married 1885       SMITH, SARAH
TORPY, QUENTON       Married 1948       TACKA, SOPHIA
TORPY, RAY       Married 1931       MANN, FRANKIE
TORPY, REUBEN       Married 1865       JONES, ESTHER
TORPY, RICHARD       Married 1886       SHAW, MARY

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