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TORP, ANNA       Married 1706       KAUPPINEN, JOHAN
TORP, ANNA       Married 1926       TUNKKARI, UNO
TORP, ANNA       Married 1886       WIRKKALA, ANDERS
TORP, ANNE       Married 1768       FOSSEN, HÅKON
TORP, ANNE       Married 1744       LANGFOSS, AMUND
TORP, ANNE       Married 1684       PEDERSEN, LARS
TORP, ANNE       Married 1693       REPSHUS, OLE
TORP, ANNE       Married 1778       TORP, OLE      
TORP, ANONBY       Married 1806       KASBO, MARI
TORP, ANONBY       Married 1788       LIE, RAGNHILD
TORP, ANONBY       Married 1778       TORP, ANNE
TORP, ANTON       Married 1916       OLAUSEN, ANNA
TORP, ARVE       Married 1929       HAUER, OLGA
TORP, ASTRI       Married 1917       DOKSRØD, SIMON
TORP, AUGUST       Married 1903       ANONBY, MARTE
TORP, AXEL       Married 1935       LARSEN, SIGNE
TORP, BRITA       Married 1782       BJORNVIK, JOHAN
TORP, CARL       Married 1884       THAULOW, MARIE

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