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TORO, PAUL       Married 1970       TORO, ARJA
TORO, PEDRO       Married 1829       JAZO, MARIA
TORO, PEDRO       Married 1985       TORO, NORMA
TORO, PERLA       Married 1980       ALVAREZ, CARDENAS
TORO, RAFAELA       Married 1835       ORTA, VICENTE
TORO, RAMON       Married 1973       ROSAS, MARIA
TORO, RAMONA       Married 1834       MORALES, DOMINGO
TORO, RAUL       Married 1973       CAMPOS, DALIA
TORO, REINALDO       Married 1977       YI, HYON
TORO, RIGOBERTO       Married 1977       DIAZ, AGUEDA
TORO, ROSA       Married 1789       VALENZUELA, SANTIAGO
TORO, ROSALIO       Married 1830       DE LA CUEVA, TRINIDAD
TORO, ROSARIO       Married 1999       HERNANDEZ, WILLIAM
TORO, ROSE       Married 1987       TORO, MIGUEL
TORO, ROSEMARY       Married 1966       KING, SAMMY
TORO, SALOMON       Married 1976       GARZA, EUPHEMIA
TORO, SALVADOR       Married 1998       TORO, DOLORES
TORO, SANDRA       Married 1997       ESPINOSA, DANIEL

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