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TORO, DON       Married 1999       TORO, LYTTLE
TORO, EDWIN       Married 1998       TERRAZAS, JEANETTE
TORO, EFRAIN       Married 1976       TORO, CARMEN
TORO, EFRE       Married 1975       MARTINEZ, RITA
TORO, ELISEA       Married 1876       VERDUSCO, VICENTE
TORO, ELIZ       Married 1976       TORO, JAIME
TORO, ELIZABETH       Married 1981       MITCHELL, BILLY
TORO, ELIZABETH       Married 1984       TORO, MANUEL
TORO, ELVIRA       Married 1965       TORO, JESUS
TORO, EMA       Married 1910       GAETE, MANUEL
TORO, EMÍLIA       Married 1925       CORREIA, ANTÓNIO
TORO, FELIX       Married 1883       UNKNOWN, PAULINA
TORO, FERNANDO       Married 1974       ALLENDER, MILDRED
TORO, FERNANDO       Married 1978       MARTINEZ, MARTHA
TORO, FERNANDO       Married 1974       TORO, MILDRED
TORO, FIDEL       Married 2000       PEREZ, GINGER
TORO, FLOR       Married 1985       GONZALEZ, FERNANDO
TORO, FRANCISCO       Married 1874       MENDEZ, LUCIA

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