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TORDOFF, HARRY       Married 1892       RANDALL, ELIZA
TORDOFF, HAZEL       Married 1945       GOMES, JOHN
TORDOFF, HENRY       Married 1934       FEDDERSON, EDNA
TORDOFF, HENRY       Married 1907       FISHER, EMILY
TORDOFF, HENRY       Married 1981       TRYSTAD, MYRTLE
TORDOFF, HENRY       Married 1890       UNKNOWN, MARTHA
TORDOFF, HERMAN       Married 1925       ANDERSON, MINNIE
TORDOFF, HOPE       Married 1992       DOYON, MAURICE
TORDOFF, ISAAC       Married 1803       PEARSON, SARAH
TORDOFF, ISAAC       Married 1901       SLATER, EMILY
TORDOFF, ISABELL       Married 1947       WATLAND, ALLIE
TORDOFF, JAMES       Married 1898       ALLEN, SARAH
TORDOFF, JAMES       Married 1979       COLSTON, JONI
TORDOFF, JAMES       Married 1863       EGLEY, ELLEN
TORDOFF, JAMES       Married 1922       ENGLAND, ETHEL
TORDOFF, JAMES       Married 1903       KIRSELL, SARAH
TORDOFF, JAMES       Married 1857       MACK, EMELINE
TORDOFF, JAMES       Married 1855       PRICE, ELIZABETH

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