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TOPPE, GRETE       Married 1677       CARBUHN, CLAUS
TOPPE, HEINRICH       Married 1891       STILLE, MARY
TOPPE, HENRY       Married 1930       DENNY, LEONA
TOPPE, HENRY       Married 1935       WEIDIG, DORA
TOPPE, HILDA       Married 1927       KLUTE, WILLIAM
TOPPE, ILSE       Married 1735       KÖLPIEN, CHRISTIAN
TOPPE, INGEBRIGT       Married 1976       TOPPE, DAPHNE
TOPPE, JOCHIM       Married 1710       FÖGE, DOROTHEA
TOPPE, JOHANN       Married 1785       BURMEISTER, SOPHIA
TOPPE, JOHANN       Married 1754       FOEGE, CATHARINA
TOPPE, JOHANN       Married 1886       NIEWEDDE, CATHARINE
TOPPE, JOHANN       Married 1812       SCHULTZ, CATHARINA
TOPPE, JOHANN       Married 1891       STILLE, MARY
TOPPE, LAURA       Married 1892       BUHSE, HERMAN
TOPPE, LAWRENCE       Married 1936       GEIGER, MARIE
TOPPE, LAWRENCE       Married 1931       MADDEN, LOTTIE
TOPPE, LOUIS       Married 1892       FREY, LOUISE

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