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TODD, ALONZO       Married 1850       UNKNOWN, UNKNOWN
TODD, ALONZO       Married 1850       WOODRUFF, MARY
TODD, ALOYIOUS       Married 1910       O'HARA, ELLEN
TODD, ALOYSIUS       Married 1935       KIRRANE, HELEN
TODD, ALPHA       Married 1950       DESBROW, JOHN
TODD, ALPHEUS       Married 1891       GANN, EVELINE
TODD, ALPHEUS       Married 1867       HALL, SARAH
TODD, ALPHIA       Married 1840       COLQUITT, WALTER
TODD, ALSON       Married 1861       TOWNER, SOPHRONIA
TODD, ALTA       Married 1924       AHLBRECHT, HARRY
TODD, ALTA       Married 1918       MASON, CHARLIE
TODD, ALTA       Married 1975       TAYLOR, EUGENE
TODD, ALTA       Married 1925       WOODSIDE, CECIL
TODD, ALTAALTIE       Married 1910       STARR, WILLIAM
TODD, ALTHA       Married 1841       ABBOTT, LARMON
TODD, ALTHEA       Married 1897       BEAN, PERLEY
TODD, ALTHEA       Married 1874       MONEY, DAVID
TODD, ALTON       Married 1936       MCCREA, MARY

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