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TOOMER, EVALINE       Married 1854       DYER, J
TOOMER, EVANDER       Married 1883       BEERY, ELIZABETH
TOOMER, EZRA       Married 1991       TEACHEY, DEBRA
TOOMER, FANNY       Married 1814       RUDD, BENJAMIN
TOOMER, FINIS       Married 1981       BRYAN, MARTHA
TOOMER, FINIS       Married 1986       DITTO, CHRISTINE
TOOMER, FLETCHER       Married 1890       BROOKE, ETHEL
TOOMER, FLORENCE       Married 1926       APLIN, FRANK
TOOMER, FLORENCE       Married 1915       MORGAN, DAVID
TOOMER, FRANCES       Married 1931       NELSON, FREDRIC
TOOMER, FRANCES       Married 1853       ROSS, WILLIAM
TOOMER, FRANCES       Married 1890       RUSS, CHRISTIAN
TOOMER, FRANCES       Married 1923       SMALLWOOD, ISAAC
TOOMER, FRANCIS       Married 1955       DWIGHT, DAVID
TOOMER, FRANCIS       Married 1842       MCBRIDE, HENRY
TOOMER, FRANCIS       Married 1931       NEILSON, FREDERIC
TOOMER, FRANCIS       Married 1877       UNKNOWN, LILLIAN
TOOMER, FRANK       Married 1902       BARR, HARRIET

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