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TOOMER, DAISY       Married 1862       MORRISON, RICHARD
TOOMER, DANIEL       Married 1857       BRAILSFORD, ROBERT
TOOMER, DANNY       Married 1967       TOOMER, CHERYL
TOOMER, DAVID       Married 1750       PALMER, ELIZABETH
TOOMER, DAVIS       Married 1955       DWIGHT, DAVID
TOOMER, DAVIS       Married 1931       NEILSON, FREDERIC
TOOMER, DAVIS       Married 1931       NELSON, FREDRIC
TOOMER, DEAUNDRA       Married 1977       KOLAR, LOUIS
TOOMER, DEAUNDRA       Married 1984       TROTTER, VIRGIL
TOOMER, DEAUNDRA       Married 1998       WELLS, JAMES
TOOMER, DEE       Married 1967       SMITH, SAM      
TOOMER, DELMAR       Married 1944       WAMBLE, MADELINE
TOOMER, DELTA       Married 1912       DAVIS, LEON
TOOMER, DEROSSET       Married 1805       SWANN, MARIA
TOOMER, DER_HORST       Married 1936       HARVEY, NORMAN
TOOMER, DER_HORST       Married 1808       LEGARE, MARY
TOOMER, DER_HORST       Married 1874       MILLAR, LOUISA

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