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TOOMER, CARL       Married 1986       ALLEN, SHARON
TOOMER, CARL       Married 1986       TOOMER, SHARON
TOOMER, CARLA       Married 1981       GOODMAN, STEVEN
TOOMER, CARLA       Married 1980       HIGHBARGER, ROBERT
TOOMER, CARLOTTA       Married 1945       ROBINSON, JOHN
TOOMER, CAROLINE       Married 1854       ELAM, LEANDER
TOOMER, CAROLYN       Married 1979       BOEN, GARY
TOOMER, CAROLYN       Married 1976       CLARK, GEORGE
TOOMER, CASSAUNDRA       Married 1981       ARNOLD, EARL
TOOMER, CASSAUNDRA       Married 1983       TUCKER, LARRY
TOOMER, CHARLES       Married 1971       BRUCE, VERNICE
TOOMER, CHARLES       Married 1908       HARP, SARAH
TOOMER, CHARLES       Married 1925       HERNANDEZ, AMELIA
TOOMER, CHARLES       Married 1984       KRIDER, KATHIE
TOOMER, CHARLES       Married 1881       MILLER, MARY
TOOMER, CHARLES       Married 1890       RIDEOUT, ELLEN
TOOMER, CHARLES       Married 1954       RUSSELL, MARY

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