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TOOKE, KAREN       Married 1969       WALSH, FRANK
TOOKE, KATHERINE       Married 1938       PANKEY, JOSEPH
TOOKE, KATIE       Married 1895       HALLMARK, JASPER
TOOKE, KAY       Married 1968       CUNNINGHAM, JEFFREY
TOOKE, KENNETH       Married 1989       WILKINSON, LANETTE
TOOKE, L       Married 1948       LINER, MARGARETE
TOOKE, LAMAR       Married 1926       FORD, CLYDE
TOOKE, LARRY       Married 1979       MATHEWS, LOUISE
TOOKE, LAURA       Married 1921       BREWSTER, ALEX
TOOKE, LAWRENCE       Married 1848       HUNTER, MARIAH
TOOKE, LAWRENCE       Married 1823       JOINER, MARY
TOOKE, LAWRENCE       Married 1938       WILLIAMSTON, EMMA
TOOKE, LEE       Married 1981       BRANCH, RICK
TOOKE, LEE       Married 1938       COLE, CLARA
TOOKE, LEE       Married 1909       HODGES, JULES
TOOKE, LEE       Married 1912       KABRICH, WALTER
TOOKE, LEE       Married 1899       WADE, OSCAR

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