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TOCK, LUM       Married 1933       PON, MABEL      
TOCK, MARGARET       Married 1638       VAN KUYKENDALL, LEUR
TOCK, MARTHA       Married 1876       SNOWDEN, CHARLES
TOCK, MARY       Married 1816       ALTOFT, WILLIAM
TOCK, MARY       Married 1872       LAKE, HENRY      
TOCK, MARY       Married 1875       RUSSELL, GEORGE
TOCK, MAY       Married 1944       THOMPSON, HARRY
TOCK, NEILS       Married 1898       KOEPSEL, ANNA
TOCK, NELLIE       Married 1916       MCMAHAN, JAMES
TOCK, NORMAN       Married 1922       FLEMING, MERLE
TOCK, O       Married 1926       UMPHREY, MABEL      
TOCK, ORSON       Married 1872       KRAUSE, ELLA
TOCK, PIETERSEN       Married 1662       VOOGHT, GRIETJEN
TOCK, RANDY       Married 1993       JONES, ALMA
TOCK, RAYMOND       Married 1927       HELMS, ELDA
TOCK, SANFORD       Married 1923       JENKINS, BLANCHE
TOCK, SARAH       Married 1904       MCMAHAN, CHARLES
TOCK, STEVEN       Married 1977       WITTICH, JANE

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