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TONG, LULA       Married 1905       TICHENOR, RUBY
TONG, LUM       Married 1897       MULLICAN, MARY
TONG, LYDIA       Married 1922       MCBRIDE, JOSEPH
TONG, LYDIA       Married 1914       PEPPER, JOE
TONG, LYDIA       Married 1903       WRIGHT, HANK
TONG, MAC       Married 1974       TONG, KHOI
TONG, MAE       Married 1918       KARG, OSCAR
TONG, MAE       Married 1910       PRATT, LONNA
TONG, MAE       Married 1902       STOUT, FRANKLIN
TONG, MAI       Married 1989       NGUYEN, JOHN      
TONG, MALINDA       Married 1824       COUNTS, GEORGE
TONG, MALINDA       Married 1828       COUNTS, GEORGE
TONG, MARCIA       Married 1946       LAWRENCE, HARRY
TONG, MARGARET       Married 1771       BANKS, JAMES
TONG, MARGARET       Married 1838       DEVINELL, AMOS
TONG, MARGARET       Married 1844       DEVINELL, AMOS
TONG, MARGARET       Married 1838       DRIMELL, AMOS
TONG, MARGARET       Married 1975       HENSON, ELMER

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