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TONEY, EMMER       Married 1931       WOOD, AMY      
TONEY, EMMETT       Married 1914       JONES, MARTHA
TONEY, EMMITT       Married 1903       PIERSON, CHRISTENA
TONEY, EMMITT       Married 1903       PIERSON, MAUDE
TONEY, ENGLEBURG       Married 1990       JONES, DELVERY
TONEY, EPHRAIM       Married 1868       ATCHISON, MALISSA
TONEY, EPHRAIM       Married 1833       KIMBIEL, ELIZABETH
TONEY, EPHRAIN       Married 1868       SHELTON, MELISSA
TONEY, EPHRIAM       Married 1844       HUTSON, AILCY
TONEY, ERASTUS       Married 1920       PICKERING, CORA
TONEY, ERASTUS       Married 1894       QUICK, BARBARA
TONEY, ERIN       Married 1998       BEDAIR, JASON
TONEY, ERNEST       Married 1932       ALLEN, LYDA
TONEY, ERNEST       Married 1923       ENNIS, AMANDA
TONEY, ERNEST       Married 1921       HOWSER, GEORGIA
TONEY, ERNEST       Married 1943       MEYER, ADELINE
TONEY, ERNEST       Married 1934       QUINN, ANNA
TONEY, ERNESTINE       Married 1974       BEATY, W

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