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TOBY, LILLIE       Married 1899       BOYD, JOHN
TOBY, LILLY       Married 1953       SMITH, WILLIAM
TOBY, LILY       Married 1908       BUTTERFIELD, JOHN
TOBY, LINDA       Married 1993       BURCHFIELD, BILLY
TOBY, LINDA       Married 1975       THIBODEAUX, PAUL
TOBY, LINNIE       Married 1869       ROBINSON, GUSTAVUS
TOBY, LIZZIE       Married 1856       PACKARD, NELSON
TOBY, LORRAINE       Married 1950       PENLEY, MAURICE
TOBY, LOT       Married 1761       JENNE, KEZIAH
TOBY, LOUIS       Married 1897       BROWN, CASSIE
TOBY, LOUISA       Married 1841       KIMBALL, MORRIS
TOBY, LOUISA       Married 1853       NIXON, ELIAS
TOBY, LOUISA       Married 1953       NIXON, ELIAS
TOBY, LOUISE       Married 1903       JERNEGAN, HOLMES
TOBY, LOUISE       Married 1923       MALICK, RICHARD
TOBY, LOUISE       Married 1949       MARTIN, JAMES
TOBY, LUCY       Married 2009       COPPER, EDWARD
TOBY, LUCY       Married 1887       HAZLE, ALBERT

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