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TONEY, ARLIE       Married 1929       KEEHN, EVERETT
TONEY, ARSANDA       Married 1984       TONEY, BILLY
TONEY, ARTHUR       Married 1928       TAYLOR, LENA
TONEY, ARTHUR       Married 1960       TONEY, ROSIE
TONEY, ARVIL       Married 1928       ANDERSON, DAISY
TONEY, AS_MILLIE       Married 1891       BRYANT, ROBERT
TONEY, AUBREY       Married 1942       SMITH, BERTHA
TONEY, AUDREY       Married 1942       NEWTON, JOHN
TONEY, AUDREY       Married 1941       SHUMAKER, EDMUND
TONEY, AUGUST       Married 1990       WHITAKER, BILLY
TONEY, AUGUSTA       Married 1867       TREADWAY, AMANDA
TONEY, AUGUSTUS       Married 1867       TREADWAY, AMANDA
TONEY, AUGUSTUS       Married 1877       WILLIAMS, EMILY
TONEY, AUNT_KIT       Married 1894       SANDIFER, WILLIAM
TONEY, AURA       Married 1889       PELLEY, ARMOUR
TONEY, AURA       Married 1889       PELLY, ARMOUR
TONEY, AUSTIN       Married 1902       BRYANT, SALLY
TONEY, AVAN       Married 1942       WEILMUNSTER, MARIETTA

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