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TOMKINS, HENRY       Married 1923       THORNS, LILIAN
TOMKINS, HENRY       Married 1873       UNKNOWN, MARIA
TOMKINS, HESTER       Married 1854       RICH, JOHN
TOMKINS, HESTER       Married 1866       SMITH, GEORGE
TOMKINS, HETTIE       Married 1909       WARBURTON, GEORGE
TOMKINS, HILA       Married 1825       HINCHMAN, WILLIAM
TOMKINS, HIRAM       Married 1829       ESTES, SUSAN
TOMKINS, HIRAM       Married 1880       SIDIE, MARGARET
TOMKINS, HOLLAND       Married 1854       BAKER, MARTHA
TOMKINS, HORATIO       Married 1848       MILLER, MARY
TOMKINS, HOUSTON       Married 1883       GRAYBEAL, CLARA
TOMKINS, HOWARD       Married 1957       CHAUVETTE, EDNA
TOMKINS, HOWELL       Married 1846       MURCH, CAROLINE
TOMKINS, HOWELL       Married 1864       YOUNG, ALONZO
TOMKINS, HUGH       Married 1687       DEANE, ELIZABETH
TOMKINS, HUGH       Married 1638       STRACHEY, MARGARET
TOMKINS, HUGH       Married 1639       STRACHEY, MARGARET

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