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TOMEI, KAREN       Married 1986       TOMEI, DAVID
TOMEI, PETER       Married 1959       STACIVA, MARY
TOMEI, SABATINO       Married 1862       PEZZUTI, DOMENICA
TOMEK, AGNES       Married 1945       HUNTER, JACK
TOMEK, AGNES       Married 1972       INDORF, ALFRED
TOMEK, ALICE       Married 1912       HENDERSON, ROBERT
TOMEK, ANDREA       Married 1985       WHITE, ROBERT
TOMEK, ANNA       Married 1889       PETRU, JIM      
TOMEK, ANNETTE       Married 1973       ADAMS, JAMES
TOMEK, ANNIE       Married 1889       PETRU, JIM
TOMEK, ANNIE       Married 1891       POOTS, JOHN
TOMEK, ANTON       Married 1881       HAVLICK, FRANCES
TOMEK, ARTHUR       Married 1951       TOMEK, MARY
TOMEK, BARBARA       Married 1978       MOLINA, JUAN
TOMEK, BARBARA       Married 1968       WOHLEB, CLIFFORD
TOMEK, BEATRICE       Married 1974       WILLIAMS, DOUGLAS
TOMEK, BESSIE       Married 1906       FISHER, EDWARD
TOMEK, BEVELYN       Married 1976       TOMEK, JOHN

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