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TOME, OLGA       Married 1950       MOORE, JR      
TOME, OR       Married 1822       WARNER, CATHERINE
TOME, PAULINE       Married 1951       TOURTELOTTE, VERNON
TOME, PETER       Married 1893       ETHEREDGE, MARY
TOME, PETER       Married 1895       MACCAULEY, ELLA
TOME, PETER       Married 1896       MARVIN, MARY
TOME, PETER       Married 1850       OBERLANDER, MARY
TOME, PETER       Married 1916       THOMPSON, MARY
TOME, PHILIP       Married 1809       YAUNTS, MARY
TOME, PRIMUS       Married 1851       ZAN, AGNES
TOME, PRIMUS       Married 1853       ZERAR, MARIA
TOME, RANDY       Married 1991       GAMACHE, JANICE
TOME, REBA       Married 1920       RINEHART, WALTER
TOME, REBECCA       Married 1842       FORBES FORBS, MELVIN
TOME, RENA       Married 1910       EHRHART, EMORY
TOME, RICHARD       Married 1951       OBERDICK, BETTY
TOME, ROSE       Married 1911       KELLER, CHARLES
TOME, ROSY       Married 1911       KELLER, CHARLES

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