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TOME, JOHN       Married 1897       GREEN, CASSIE
TOME, JOHN       Married 1922       HILT, GRACE      
TOME, JOHN       Married 1805       HUBER, ELIZABETH
TOME, JOHN       Married 1858       JOHNSON, ANNETTE
TOME, JOHN       Married 1979       MONK, MARGARET
TOME, JOHN       Married 1817       NICHELS, SARA
TOME, JOHN       Married 1947       RUNDELL, MARY
TOME, JOHN       Married 1886       SMELTZER, ANNA
TOME, JOHN       Married 1886       SMELTZER, ANNIE
TOME, JOHN       Married 1819       TAYLOR, LUCRETIA
TOME, JONATHAN       Married 2000       REYNOLDS, REBECCA
TOME, JONE       Married 1561       BOND, THOMAS
TOME, JOSE       Married 1991       FERNANDEZ, MARIA
TOME, JOYCE       Married 1974       DUSEK, JESSIE
TOME, JR       Married 1948       ALLEN, MELVINA
TOME, JUDSON       Married 1908       THOMAS, BLANCHE
TOME, JUDY       Married 1978       FLORES, SANTOS
TOME, KATHLEEN       Married 1966       FRY, JACKSON

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