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TIMMIS, EDGAR       Married 1928       WATERMAN TIMMIS, JEAN
TIMMIS, EDITH       Married 1937       DUGDALE, JOSEPH
TIMMIS, EDITH       Married 1938       LACEY, RONALD
TIMMIS, EDITH       Married 1925       MOSLEY, JOHN
TIMMIS, EDWARD       Married 1882       HUGHES, ELIZABETH
TIMMIS, EDWARD       Married 1884       SILLITO, JANE
TIMMIS, EDWIN       Married 1919       BOARDMAN, AGNES
TIMMIS, ELIZABETH       Married 1746       COPE, JOHN
TIMMIS, ELIZABETH       Married 1749       DUTTON, RALPH
TIMMIS, ELLEN       Married 1890       STEWART BROWN, HENRY
TIMMIS, ETHEL       Married 1936       DAVISON, JAMES

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