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TERRAS, MARIE       Married 1762       CALMET, PIERRE
TERRAS, MARIE       Married 1742       HERLAN, ABRAHAM
TERRAS, MARIE       Married 1764       HORNUNG, JACOB
TERRAS, MARY       Married 1853       GRIEVE, JOHN
TERRAS, MARY       Married 1830       HENDERSON, ARTHUR
TERRAS, MARY       Married 1865       MITCHELL, ROBERT
TERRAS, MORELAND       Married 1905       HEGGIE, ISABELLA
TERRAS, MOTIOIR       Married 1917       PENMAN, JOHN
TERRAS, RITCHIE       Married 1898       ROBERTSON, ROBERT
TERRAS, ROBERT       Married 1886       AITKEN, JANET
TERRAS, ROBERT       Married 1842       HUNTER, ANN
TERRAS, ROBERT       Married 1915       MURRAY, CHRISTINA

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