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TENNERY, OLEN       Married 1970       MOORE, NANCY
TENNERY, OLEN       Married 1969       OZMORE, RENEE
TENNERY, OLEN       Married 1962       TENNERY, BERTHA
TENNERY, OLEN       Married 1900       TENNERY, NANCY
TENNERY, OLEN       Married 1969       TENNERY, RENEE
TENNERY, OLIVE       Married 1922       LOTZ, WILLIAM
TENNERY, OREN       Married 1940       JOHNSON, VADA
TENNERY, OREN       Married 1989       WEST, ALICIA
TENNERY, PARIS       Married 1907       PHARES, MINNIE
TENNERY, PATRICIA       Married 1993       BENNER, JOHN
TENNERY, PICKNEY       Married 1849       STEBBINS, DENNIS

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