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TBD, SUSANNA       Married 1800       SPRY, HENRY
TBD, TAMSEN       Married 1660       PHILLIPS, STEPHEN
TBD, TBD       Married 1835       CAULFIELD, THOMAS
TBD, TBD       Married 1898       GARDNER, TBD
TBD, TBD       Married 1947       GWYNNE, IDA
TBD, TBD       Married 1845       THOMAS, THOMAS
TBD, TBD       Married 1933       TOABE, IGO
TBD, TBD       Married 1912       WALDROP, ALMA      
TBD, THAMASYN       Married 1645       PENALUNA, RICHARD
TBD, THELMA       Married 1938       HILL, LEE
TBD, THELMA       Married 1935       RAFFONE, RUDOLPH
TBD, THOMASIN       Married 1765       RICHARDS, THOMAS
TBD, THOMASINE       Married 1795       MOYLE, PETER
TBD, THOMASINE       Married 1800       VIVIAN, HENRY
TBD, THYRZA       Married 1860       SMITH, JOHN
TBD, TOM       Married 1885       TREVITHICK, GRACE
TBD, UNA       Married 1909       CLAY, ROY       in
TBD, URSULA       Married 1868       OATS, WILLIAM
TBD, VALERIE       Married 1948       TREVETHICK, HERBERT
TBD, VELMA       Married 1934       COULTER, JOHN
TBD, VERNA       Married 1950       GARBER, GEORGE

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