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T, BENJAMIN       Married 1788       RIGGINS, SARAH
T, BERTHA       Married 1926       DYKE, GEORGE      
T, BERTHA       Married 1929       STROUD, GEORGE
T, BERTINA       Married 1842       SAND, ANFIN
T, BETTIE       Married 1901       MEARS, JOSEPH
T, BETTY       Married 1932       WARD, OLEN
T, BEULAH       Married 1900       SEALE, JOSEPH
T, BRUCE       Married 1900       TOBLER, SARAH
T, CALEB       Married 1885       SELF, ALICE      
T, CALVIN       Married 1868       MCDONALD, LOUISA
T, CANTRELL       Married 1901       ELIZABETH, UNKNOWN
T, CARRIE       Married 1910       AUSTIN, THOMAS
T, CARRIE       Married 1863       REYNOLDS, THOMAS
T, CELIA       Married 1831       TILLMAN, JOSHUA
T, CHARLES       Married 1848       BUCHANON, ELIZABETH
T, CHARLES       Married 1897       LYONS, ELVA      
T, CHARLOTTA       Married 1882       BRASHER, JOHN
T, CHARLOTTE       Married 1900       PEAVEY, GEORGE
T, CHARLOTTE       Married 1845       THOMAS, JOHN
T, CHRISTIAN       Married 1863       COY, ELIZABETH
T, CHRISTINE       Married 1993       MOORE, WARREN
T, CLARENCE       Married 1941       LOONEY, ELIZABETH

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