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T, ANNA       Married 1877       PARSONS, JOHN
T, ANNA       Married 1867       PAYDEN, DANIEL
T, ANNA       Married 1814       SCHUBNELL, JOSEPH
T, ANNE       Married 1636       JANNEY, RANDLE
T, ANNIE       Married 1910       IRWIN, BAZEL
T, ANNIE       Married 1895       MCBRIDE, JOSEPH
T, ANNIE       Married 1883       ROBERTSON, ULISHA
T, ANNIE       Married 1875       SIMMONS, DAVID
T, ANTONIA       Married 1969       LEE, FRANK
T, ARMIDA       Married 1930       TRENTHAM, BRUCE
T, ARMINTEE       Married 1854       BONNER, JAMES
T, AUBREY       Married 1924       DEASON, LOIS      
T, AUSTIN       Married 1984       COURTNEY, BETTY
T, B       Married 1888       SMITH, CLARA       in
T, B       Married 1896       VINYARD, CORA       in
T, BAPTIST       Married 1844       HALL, RENDA
T, BARBARA       Married 1889       GREEN, GEORGE
T, BARNEY       Married 1917       MARGRET, UNKNOWN
T, BEATRICE       Married 1929       HEALY, JAMES
T, BENJAMIN       Married 1788       BARBER, KEZIAHKISSIAH
T, BENJAMIN       Married 1754       HAYNES, REBEKAH
T, BENJAMIN       Married 1873       NATIONS, NANCY

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